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Brewing Eco Coffee For Your Filter Pot

A guide to achieving the best filter pot of Eco Coffee.

Brewing Eco Coffee Espresso

Classic, quick and always delicious. 'Filter' or 'Pourover' coffee is something you'll find in the majority of coffee drinkers homes.

Tip #1 - Setting Up

If you have a V60 or Chemex or own-brand filters then don't worry, the principles are all the same. First place your filter paper in your basket and place it over your pot/jug/cup, pour a bit of hot water through the paper to get rid of any papery residue and also helps to preheat your drnking/serving vessel. Once its moistened your paper and gone in to your vessel, swill the hot water round and discard.

Tip #2 - The Dose & Grind

A good rule to aim for is 7g of coffee to every 100ml of water. but that is just what we believe gives the best results... you may decide that the Signature Blend roast needs to be a tiny bit finer to get the best taste, in that case, tweak it. I'm not going to tell you you're wrong if you really enjoy our Eco Coffee! Make sure the grind is not as fine as espresso/MokaPot but it's not as coarse as cafetiere coffee. Somewhere in the middle is good so it doesn't clump up like wet sand at all.

"These are purely guidelines... you're the one brewing the coffee, you shouldn't have to BUT you can always adjust it to your taste" – Kieran Mitchell, Head Roaster

Tip #3 - Prep

Using the above measurement ratios add your hot (but not boiling, 93°-95° is ideal) water. The best way to get to this temperature if you don't have a temp control kettle is to boil a standard kettle, leave it for 1-2 minutes after boiling so it comes down a few degrees before pouring it in the pot. Pour over enough water so that it mostens all the ground coffee in the filter and wait for 20 seconds for it to 'bloom'. Once done pour over enough water so it reaches the top, repeat until your server/vessel is as full as you want it and BOOM. You've got yourself some delicious filter coffee.

I tend to drink filter coffee black myself, mainly because it's not as strong as an espresso shot so you don't need milk or other extras to help bring out the flavours. But obviously it's completely up to you, it's your coffee at the end of the day, you drink it how you want to!

Be sure to check out our other brewing tips as well as the coffee blog for more helpful guides.

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