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Our Coffees: Colombia - Dulima

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Region info: South Huila

The Huila region is well known for its coffee quality, but also for being the first historical department in Colombia to begin coffee production. Farmers in Huila are very quality-conscious. Their crops receive a lot of care and attention and they tend to be the most pioneering when it comes to embracing new processing and farming methods. The most relevant municipalities for coffee in Huila are: Pitalito, Garzón, Gigante, San Agustín, La Plata, Paicol, Acevedo, among others.

Huila coffee represents 18% of Colombian production. It is always in high demand and is often preferred as a single origin offering for its balance of acidity and sweetness. The Huilan landscape is dominated by volcanos and mountains, providing a rich terroir of high altitude and fertile soils and offering a wide range of ecosystems where coffee can be grown. There are producing farms ranging from 1,500 m.a.s.l. up to 2,300 m.a.s.l., conferring great attributes to the cup profile such as bright acidity and characteristic sweet notes.

History of coffee in Colombia

As with many coffee origins, it is believed that coffee was first brought to Colombia by priests, arriving, perhaps, within a decade or two after coffee first came to the Americas via the Caribbean in the first half of the 17th century. It was likely a garden crop grown for local consumption and barter for decades. Unlike other coffee regions, we have the story of a priest named Francisco Romero, who could be called the father of commercial coffee cultivation in Colombia. The folkloric tale goes that in the early 1800’s, Father Francisco, hearing confessions in the north eastern town of Salazar de la Palmas, assigned planting coffee to his parishioners as penance for their sins. The Archbishop of Colombia heard about this and ordered all priests to adopt the practice. Commercial production of coffee expanded quickly, moving into regions where the growing conditions were ideal. 


We spoke to Kieran, our head roaster, as to why he chose this coffee...

Flavour Profile

"This coffee is used across more blends than any other, and for a reason. It's versatility is fantastic. In our medium roast 'Coastal Blend' the lighter, citrus flavours come out but then in our dark roast 'Forest Blend' the heavier chocolate and red berry flavours really pop. And with our medium/dark roast 'Signature Blend' you get the best of both worlds."


"Dulima is made up of many different farms in the South Huila region and the coffee that is harvested and brought there is chosen using some of the finest and most rigorous sensory analysis in the country so we can guarantee consistency and quality from every shipment."

Sustainable Farming

"Business should be done for the benefit for all involved. From the farmers in Colombia to the consumers in The Cotswolds and everyone in between. I believe that this coffee as well as all the others we source, roast and sell has the power to change for good. This farm uses fully sustainable methods in harvesting and we also partner with 'Play it Green' and 'Eden Reforestation' to help offset the emissions caused by the travel miles this coffee makes across the Atlantic ocean."

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