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Our Coffees: Costa Rica - El Perezoso

Region info: Los Robles De Naranjo

The coffee in question hails from a consortium of producers situated in Los Robles de Naranjo, where their farms stretch across altitudes ranging from 1300 to 1750 meters above sea level.

The legacy of these coffee farms traces back to 1968, when these producers initially associated with the cooperative. Today, these farms are managed by the third and fourth generations, who have continued to uphold their ancestors' commitment to cultivating top-quality coffee.

The coffee output from this group is substantial. They annually produce approximately 2907 fanegas (traditional Spanish units) of coffee, translating to roughly six containers of green coffee, each containing 275 sacks weighing 69 kg each.

Ethiopia Coffee Growing

History of coffee in Costa Rica

Coffee came to Costa Rica as early as 1779 and within 50 years was generating more revenue than any other crop, but by the 1830’s they were growing more coffee than the ships heading south could take. And virtually no infrastructure existed for transporting even a small amount of green coffee to the east coast of Costa Rica (where London was a mere 5,000 miles away). The distribution woes of Costa Rican coffee producers reached the ears of an up-and-coming shipping magnate named William Le Lacheur in 1841 and on Christmas day, 1841 he sailed The Monarch into port at Puntarenas, Costa Rica, and thus began a long and mutually beneficial relationship. On one voyage to London in late in 1843, the Monarch carried more than half a million pounds of Costa Rican coffee.  


We spoke to Kieran, our head roaster, as to why he chose this coffee...


Flavour Profile

"I fell in love with Central American coffees as soon as I tried my first sample. The sweetness, the fruity yet powerful flavours are perfect for long, black, filter coffees (just the way i drink it). So I knew that i had to showcase some of my favourites and 'El Perezoso' was extremely high on my list. It won't be the last Costa Rican we'll offer at Eco Coffee, trust me!"


"The cultivation of this coffee is methodical and meticulous. Benefiting from nutrient-rich soil and optimal altitude, the farms have been able to innovate their cultivation methods over the last 20 years in response to disease and climate change. New varieties of coffee have been developed by the Costa Rican Coffee Institute and other private institutions, showing tolerance to disease and drought, increased productivity, and superior quality in the cup. "

Sustainable Farming

"Business should be done for the benefit for all involved. From the farmers in Costa Rica to the consumers in Coventry and everyone in between. I believe that this coffee as well as all the others we source, roast and sell has the power to change for good. This farm uses fully sustainable methods in harvesting and we also partner with 'Play it Green' and 'Eden Reforestation' to help offset the emissions caused by the travel miles this coffee makes across the Atlantic ocean."

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