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Named after the rolling hills of the UK, but specifically after the South Dorset hills that contain such beautiful landmarks as Corfe Castle.

A Decaf coffee shouldn't only for people who can't have caffeine... There is NO reason a decaf can't be as good as a caffeinated cup. And that's what we believe we've achieved. A slightly darker roast to bring out the richer, chocolatiness and the sweet acidity that these Colombian beans have picked up whilst growing in the famous Huila & Tolima regions.

It is also decaffeinated using the sugarcane process, which, in a simplified way, washes the caffeine away using a Ethyl Acetate, a natural acid derived from sugarcane. making it a huge amount more environmentally friendly than almost all other processes.

Eco Coffee In-House Score - 84


Origins - Colombia


Tasting Notes - Brown Sugar, Raisin, Apple Tart


Process - Washed, Sugarcane Decaf Process


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Excluding Sales Tax
    • Espresso
    • MokaPot
    • Filter
    • Cafetiere
    • Aeropress
    • Bean to Cup