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What we do...

Eco Coffee was launched in 2018 with the aim to bring a more sustainable, responsible and delicious product to the coffee world.

Since then we have been supplying high quality coffee, collecting the used grounds to put to use in a multitude of environmentally positive ways...

In mid-2023 we decided to add the massive step of roasting our own coffee in-house. So The Eco Coffee Roasters was born, with the new, improved aim of bringing an even more honest, ethical and delicious coffee. Giving us the opportunity to show the full traceability of every coffee you buy. We spent many months sourcing and sampling speciality coffees from around the world to use in the blends and single origins that are available to you now. 

We invested in some brand new electric roasting equipment, to help drastically cut any negative emissions* and we are also in the midst of switching to 100% renewable energy. Meaning Eco Coffee will be roasted and packaged using 100% solar/wind power thanks to our friends at Ecotricity.

As we are still growing we can't always be as environmentally friendly as we'd like, that's why we also partner with Play it Green & The Eden Reforestation Project, who help us offset any manufacturing, delivery and personal carbon emissions through various tree planting initiatives around the world.

Check out our new 2024 coffee sourcing policy here.

*Compared to traditional gas powered roasters

The Eco Coffee Company is #morethanjustcoffee...

The Eco Coffee Company Group

The Green Cup is a completely plastic free, recyclable and biodegradable takeaway cup. Helping to put an end to the hospitality trades reliance on single-use plastics and bio-plastics.

It's available in many sizes and as a hot or cold cup.

12oz Green Cup
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